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Despite having previously ruled out the possibility for a beta for Grand Turismo Sport back in 2016, Head of Polyphony Digital Kazunori Yamauchi announced today that the closed beta would take place from March 17.

Writing on the PlayStation Blog, Kazunori Yamauchi stated that: “The initial phase of the closed Beta, starting on March 17, will only be open to selected U.S. PSN IDs, so be sure to check your Messages on the PS4 dashboard to see if you’ve been invited.

The beta will only be available in the U.S at first however, with plans to expand to other regions gradually.

As with most Beta programs, in order for the development team to capture data in an optimal manner, the sample size needs to be increased gradually and in stages. While we begin to roll out the Beta, we have decided that the time differences across the U.S. are best matched to the development team in Tokyo.”

Grand Turismo Sport had its release date cancelled last year, leading to Sony having to refund pre-orders of the game. The game is now scheduled for release late 2017. Hopefully, with the announcement of this closed Beta, we are getting close to a proper release date.

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