Have you always wanted to be a DJ? Did you ask your parents for decks a million times but never ever got them? When you left home did you ask your mate to borrow theirs and spill beer on them, thus ruining them and now your mate doesn’t talk to you anymore because they were Technics and were well ace? Do you lack motivation to garner any ‘real’ musical ability but want to achieve absolutely nothing in a card game based environment?

Well the fine people at Hasbro and Harmonix have a solution that will apparently ‘revolutionise’ music gaming.

The developers of Rock Band and Transformers have created The DropMix Music Gaming System, a sort of Magic the Gathering meets, well, Rock Band. The idea is, you get this unit with 5 five “Mix Slots” in it and 60 cards denoting a corresponding part of the tune, like the bass, the guitar and drums, etc. You download the app (standard) and sling the cards on one of the five spaces for the phone to start playing that part of the song. You will be able to buy extra card packs to build your mixing deck. Imagine the joy you’ll feel when you get to mix together the bass playing expertise of Ed Sheeran with the dizzying lyrical prowess of Bruno Mars.

This all reminds me of a point last year (maybe it was last year, or the year before, I don’t know and I don’t really care) when Nestle released the Azera Home Coffee To Go pack that contains 4 take away paper coffee cups and lids, with a spoonful of coffee in each one. Maybe it was to compete with places like Costa and Star*ucks, but deep down, we all know it’s straight to landfill fodder. A situation where a massive corporation took leave of its senses, jumped on a bandwagon about 15 years too late and created something utterly pointless and terribly wasteful.

DropMix is going to cost $100 dollars. $100 dollars! You can buy an ACTUAL bass guitar for that and for the price of a couple of card decks a cheesy little amp with a sign on the front says Fender Champ. A quick eBay search will give you an average set of DJ decks for about £150 and all these things from the bass to the decks already exist.

With developers like Blizzard taking their card games digital, Hasbro aren’t really revolutionising anything. And with the Ed Sheeran amount of waste toy companies already create, we could be looking at HasBeen’s.

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