Hello Games to Help Fund Games Under Hello Labs Label

Having previously developed the Joe Danger series, as well as the now infamous No Man’s Sky, Hello Games is now turning its hand to publishing. Founder of Hello Games Sean Murray spoke about the company’s new plans, at a talk he was giving at GDC last week.

Hello Games intends to give funding to indie dev studios working on procedural generated games. A huge part of last year’s No Man’s Sky was its procedurally generated nature and it seems to be something that Hello Games intends to focus on in their future endeavours.

Speaking on why this aspect is so important, Sean Murray said:

For us, it is a big part of our future. And making really unique, weird, engine decisions and allowing that to dictate a cascade of problems. … And we want to continue going forward making new, impactful technology

Sean Murray had little in terms of specifics to offer, however hinted at what was to come.

We’re starting this thing. It’s super low-key at the moment — it’s Hello Labs. We’re gonna try to fund and support a couple of projects. There’s one already in development. And the focus is going to be on procedural generation, experimental games, games research, that kind of thing. More details will follow.

The main goal of Hello Labs seems to be to help fledgling studios make their dream game without having to face the hardships that Hello Games faced when making No Man’s Sky.

No Man’s Sky’s release was rocky to say the least as many felt that the game that was delivered was not the one that had been marketed and promised. Perhaps this is Hello Games’ way of trying to make up for this, giving something back to the industry by helping other projects get made. To me this can only be a good thing.