Here are your PlayStation Plus Games for March

Sony has unveiled this month’s selection of Instant Game Collection titles for those subscribed to PlayStation Plus, and oh boy there are some good’uns this time around.

This month we’ve got some pretty tasty treats for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PS Vita players, the first of which is the PS4 re-release of Tearaway, Tearaway Unfolded. Probably one of the best games for the PS Vita, the PS4 edition crams even more papercraft content into the game, it’s a must-have.

Another new addition is Disc Jam, an action-sports game which sees two to four players face-off in a frantic game of air hockey meets tennis. Players scramble to grab and throw a disc while also trying to defend their own corner.

For the PlayStation 3 players will be able to make the most of the classic isometric adventure, Lumo, as well as the over-the-top so-stupid-its-great action RPG, Earth Defense Force 2025. Visual novel/2D fighting game crossover with Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late also makes an appearance.

Finally Severed finds its way onto PS Vita, probable one of the latest and greatest games for the console. Lumo is also a cross-buy game for the PS Vita.


All of these games will be available to download for free for PlayStation Plus subscribers on March 7.

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