Here’s a Closer Look at Super Mega Baseball 2’s Customisation

Metalhead Software is kicking off Spring Training with a first-look at Super Mega Baseball 2’s in-depth customisation features.

While they’re not quite as horrific as MLB’s, in Super Mega Baseball 2 players will be able to customise every aspect of their team from their appearances to their batting and pitching skills. While some customisations were present in the first title, this time players can really tailor their team to their play styles.

As well as players and teams, players can also customise their own leagues featuring anything from 4 to 32 teams. They can also customise conferences as well.

Check out some of the customisation options in the video below:


Super Mega Baseball 2 is set to launch on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC this Summer and will finally offer online multiplayer.

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