Here’s an in-depth Look at World Builder, Birthdays The Beginning

Over the course of the past few months, NIS America have been releasing developer diaries taking a closer look at Mr. Yasuhiro Wada’s upcoming world building game, Birthdays the Beginning.

Since January, these videos have highlighted various aspects of the game from creating a world and watching it come to life before your eyes, to nurturing the world players have created as it grows. As players progress in the game, they’ll birth more and more organisms which can ultimately be collected and recorded. Completing the Organism Library is the ultimate goal, and it looks to be a wild ride.

You can check out all of the gameplay and developer diaries which have been released below, including today’s video, the third and final in the series, which shows how players can be rewarded in the game.

Birthdays The Beginning is set to launch on PlayStation 4 and PC on May 12.