Here’s an Uncut Look at Sonic Mania’s Green Hill Zone Act 2

Green Hill Zone Act 2 presents an all-new area exclusive to Sonic Mania which will expand upon the tropical setting of Act 1. Interestingly, the new area will bring the ability to use fire to burn log bridges and collect rings or power ups.

SEGA also revealed the first in a series of new bosses today. Known as the “Hard-Boiled Heavies” these unique foes are part of Eggman’s new arsenal and each are equipped with challenging new skills.

The first of these new bosses, the “Heavy Gunner”, will appear at the end of the Hollywood-inspired Studiopolis Act 1. It is a large, decorated robot who can take to the sky with his helicopter. Heavy Gunner is armed with a powerful rocket launcher that he uses to discourage “speeding”.

You can view the full video showing Green Hill Zone Act 2 here:

Sonic Mania aims to blend Genesis-era Sonic platforming with new zones, bosses, and three playable characters. It will be digitally available for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch in Spring 2017.

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