Variety and Warner Bros. have released the first official images for the upcoming Tomb Raider movie and they’re just what you’d expect.

It looks like the upcoming Roar Uthaug-directed movie will draw heavy influence from the Crystal Dynamics Tomb Raider reboot from 2013 and its sequel, Rise of the Tomb Raider which launched in 2015.

These first images provided both by Variety and Warner Bros. don’t really offer that much in terms of what we can expect from the plot, but what we do know is that Alicia Vikander pulls of a pretty good Lara Croft.

In an interview with GQ, Uthaug said that he wants to show off the human side of Lara Croft. He doesn’t want her to be seen as a superhero, rather a human being, with feelings and stuff.

“This movie will introduce Lara as a young woman who hasn’t yet found her way and her place in the world; a young woman with great spirit and potential,” Uthaug said. “We follow her struggles and her journey toward becoming the person she was meant to be and earning the role of Tomb Raider.”

As you can see from the images both above and below, Lara Croft will find herself muddied, dishevelled, and slightly injured much like the video game. She’ll also be wielding the signature climbing pick, as well as the compound bow and arrow. What I’m hoping is that the Tomb Raider movie isn’t just a live-action rip of the games, I actually want to see something different.

Can this be the first great video game movie?

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