Here’s the Launch Trailer for Mass Effect Andromeda

The trailer for the newest edition to the Mass Effect franchise, Andromeda, dropped a new trailer Friday! Not only does the game look great, but it also has a really engaging story.

Andromeda is a third person shooter and you are a pathfinder, in charge of finding new resources and saving your people before it’s too late. The game will feature tons of ways customization, travelling and exploration. And of course, a fresh group of interesting and diverse characters to fight alongside with.

This one and a half minute sneak peek shows off the enemies you can encounter while travelling from planet to planet, the relationships you can build between crew mates and the stunning looking world both inside and outside the Tempest. The game is available for pre-order right now and is set to release on March 21, 2017!

Enjoy the amazing launch trailer linked below and let us know in the comments what you’re most excited for in this new addition to the world of Mass Effect!