Hey Power Rangers, Why Not Start a Wrestling League?

I have friends who are into Wrestling and I’ve been swatting up so I can at least have a competent conversation with them, or at least understand why John Cena is supposed to be so awesome.

But before we begin, lets do some maths. That’s right, you expected words and instead you’re getting a whole lot of numbers. You’ve got 24 seasons of Power Rangers, a franchise which is all about teenagers and adults that do cool stunts with martial arts.

Roughly you’ve got about 6 Power Rangers per season. That’s roughly 144 Power Rangers who’ve had stunt training or have some skills with martial arts. So let’s say hypothetically I decided to start my own wrestling company. What would I do?

Well, it’s simple kids. I’d start my own Wrestling league with old Power Rangers actors. Of course, the choreography would be less Smackdown and more Lucha with a mix of high-kicking flashy martial arts that we see in the show, and boom.

The storylines would be best described as being Japanese, just like how’d you describe Super Sentai, the show that inspired Power Rangers.

Have you ever seen that episode of South Park where they make fun of wrestling and sum up how most wrestling story lines are grounded in real life? Well, we’ll have none of that. Instead, we’ll have guys in rubber suits pretending to aliens or generally not very nice people.

Instead of Suplexes or Peoples Elbows we’d have Wire-fu and controlled explosions which would do that weird sparky thing it does in the show. Think about it, if any of those 144 actors or their supporting cast needed a job… This is it. A chance to embrace the fan base. A chance to bank on the nostalgia train as you could tour all the different conventions that go on throughout the year like how the WWE is on a never-ending tour.

The choreographers who worked on the show could even start a training school and eager fans could get a chance to train and perform in this weird and whacky shows. Plus, with all those cool helmets things would be a lot safer when performing stunts.

It’s ambitious, but it would surely be fun?