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How Long Does Spidey Really Have in the MCU?

Not long enough


Supposedly our friendly neighbourhood web-slinger doesn’t have much time left in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Since the release of the new Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer there has been “news” floating around the internet saying Spider-Man isn’t coming home so much as he is really just hanging out for the weekend.

According to Sony producer Amy Pascal (via EpicStream), “It may never happen again, after the sequel”

Now, while other sources have also mentioned that Spidey’s stay in the MCU was only temporary, I don’t think people thought it would be this temporary. However, instead of reporting if this information is true or false, I figured we could look at the bigger question.

What does this mean?

Whether it is after Spider-Man: Homecoming or after Avengers: Infinity War, our favourite wall crawler will be having his real Homecoming back at Sony. Disney, Marvel and Sony agreed to let the rights to Spider-Man be shared between them so they could bring him into the MCU. Honestly though, whats the friggin point?! Marvel’s hero list has been growing exponentially, so why would they take Spider-Man at all if it wasn’t for keeps?

The real winner here is Sony. Sony knew they needed to breathe some fresh life into their long standing franchise. Who better to do that than Marvel? I mean, lets face it, they have got this shit down to a science by now. So even though poor Andy Garfield got the boot, Tom Holland scored big. Not only will he maintain the role of Spider-Man in the MCU movies BUT he will also take that title with him back to Sony!

So, after Avengers: Infinity War, supposedly, Tom Holland will take Spider-Man back to Sony where they have at least one project ready for him. As sad as it is, it isn’t surprising because Sony’s Venom is about to begin filming. Obviously you can’t have Venom without, inevitably, having Spider-Man in there some where. Now while Sony has stated that Venom will be a stand alone film, if Spidey is back with them I am sure we will see a movie with the two forces clashing at some point.

While the future of where Spider-Man will end up is unknown, fans can rest assured that in some way or form he will continue to make appearances on the big screen. I mean personally? Marvel will do him the most justice. Odds are, Sony will ruin the web-swinger’s status, AGAIN, and we will see him back in the MCU to “revamp” support for the character once more. It will probably be some endless loop until Marvel just coughs up the money to keep him for good.

But hey, at least Tom Holland is making some good money regardless, so good for you man!

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