IAM8BIT Warframe Vinyl #1

Tenno, prepare your ears for sublime auditory synthesis because IAm8Bit and Warframe developer Digital Extremes have teamed up to produce a limited quantity of a very interesting bit of merchandise – a double vinyl soundtrack containing twenty-four tracks taken from the Warframe score and the game’s first cinematic quest, The Second Dream.

The twin vinyls will be enclosed in a case adorned with some absolutely gorgeous original artwork by celebrated Spanish illustrator Patricio Betteo. The Lotus has never looked so good.

The full tracklist is as follows:

• This Is What You Are
• Hunhow
• The Second Dream
• Wretched Things
• Ghosts of Voids
• Corrupted
• Derelicts
• The Creeping Dark
• Archwing
• Wings of War
• The Witches Lair
• Red Broth
• Origin System
• Vor’s Prize
• Corpus Greed
• March of the Moa
• Our Disease
• Consume Us
• Grineer Onslaught
• The Profit
• Gene Molds
• Grakata
• Sentient Tombs
• Rapid Adaption



A digital download of the soundtrack will be included with every vinyl purchase.

Digital Extremes and IAm8Bit also announced a number of related products available for limited pre-order, including a set of hard enamel pins based on some of the most popular Warframe “glyphs” and a collection of high-quality 6×6 fine art cards depicting all thirty-two Warframes in Betteo’s distinctive abstract style. The art cards will be available as a “blind bag” set of five prints or as the complete collection of all thirty-two pieces.

The Warframe Vinyl Soundtrack, hard enamel pins and fine art cards can be pre-ordered from IAm8Bit’s store until April 23rd ahead of their release in the second quarter of 2017.

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