The Games Collector has this week launched an IndieGoGo campaign to bring a limited edition hardback version of Ian Livingstone’s classic choose-your-own-adventure book, City of Thieves, to the world.

Ian Livingstone & Steve Jackson are names I’ll always remember from my childhood when I’d settle down of an evening with one of their many Fighting Fantasy or “choose-your-own-adventure” books. These books introduced me to the world of fantasy paper-based games. So to hear that The Game Collector is planning to bring one of Livingstone’s classic titles back in a new special hard cover edition, I just HAD to jump on board.

City of Thieves is one of Livingstone’s most popular Fighting Fantasy titles. It was first published in paperback form way back in 1983 and I remember it was one of those books I continuously borrowed from the local library. Now, thanks to an IndieGoGo campaign, it could be in my possession once again.

These large limited hardback edition brings the book back like never before with brand new colour illustrations by Brazilian artist Daielyn Cris Bertelli, more interactive pieces within the book, and much more. Available in both English and Portuguese, the book is bound and printed of the highest quality, and is only available through the IndieGoGo campaign.

So how much will one of these books set you back? Well, it’s not going to be cheap. With pledges starting at £150 you’ll be able to get the book in the language of your choosing. However pledge more to the campaign and you’ll be able to get a signed copy of the book, a leather bound version, and much more.

For £150, you’ll receive a hardback copy of the book, an Adventure Sheet, a Fighting Fantasy pencil, as well as two dice and pouch.

The campaign is currently seeking £5,000, and it’s almost half way there at time of writing.

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