Injustice 2 will be available on May 16. Recently however, Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment announced yet another addition to the character roster. The trailer below introduces the powerful sorcerer Doctor Fate. You can catch a first glimpse of him in the gameplay video, with his mastery of magic on full display.

Fate is the 24th character that has been confirmed. Injustice 2 will host both new and returning heroes and villains, such as Atrocitus, Black Canary and Poison Ivy. The cast is larger than any NetherRealm game thus far, both on-disc and in expected DLC characters.

The story revolves around the remnants of Superman’s regime, who seek to restore the fallen hero’s rule. Batman and his followers attempt to prevent all of this while rebuilding society.

One of the bigger changes compared to the first game is definitely the loot-dropping system introduction. The Gear System offers character-specific costume pieces and equipment that alter a character’s stats. The developers wanted to add an RPG element to the game; hopefully the no-nonsense fighting core remains intact!

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