It Looks like a Pokémon Game is Coming to Nintendo Switch

According to two new job listings from Pokémon series developers Game Freak, there may be a new Pokémon game in the works for Nintendo’s latest console, the Switch.

Although details are pretty under wraps, the job listing specifies work on a console game. Now, Game Freak would put all their resources into developing a Wii U game, so naturally we’re assuming that this new title is for the Nintendo Switch.

The listing states that applicants have “a chance to work on the development of a globally popular RPG!” adding that they’ll also be working on “characters, Monsters, and Items.” The listings are looking speficially for a Game 3DCG Designer and a Character Model Creator on “a title that everyone knows”.

So despite not actually mentioning Pokémon specifically, Game Freak have pretty much committed most of their time to the Pokémon series, apart from that time they worked on that elephant game with SEGA.

Interestingly in the past there has been speculation that Nintendo would release a version of Pokémon for the Nintendo Switch that’d either be a combination of the recently released Pokémon Sun & Moon or a third entry titled Pokémon Stars. Though it’s unlikely we’ll hear anything about this any sooner than E3.

Alternatively, it could be a console-specific spin-off title in the Pokémon Universe.