Fire Pro Wrestling World Reveal 4

One of the granddaddies of pro wrestling video games has just made a surprise appearance in the ring, and… yes! Did a flicker of shock just flash across the 2K WWE games’ faces!?

At their first ever Western press event last night, Spike Chunsoft confirmed that the speculation prompted by their cryptic clip from the other day was completely correct – director Tomoyuki Matsumoto has returned from a 10-year hiatus to work on a new entry in the venerable Fire Pro Wrestling series entitled Fire Pro Wrestling World.

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Targeting a release on PS4 and Windows PC, Spike Chunsoft did not announce a release date for the game but revealed that it would debut on Steam Early Access in the summer.

Fire Pro Wrestling World will feature improved visuals, expansions on the series’ famously intricate gameplay and online matchmaking functionality.

If nothing else, let’s hope that it won’t end up like another classic franchise whose newest entry also ends with “World”.

Fire Pro Wrestling World will be coming to PS4 and PC. The game will launch on Steam Early Access this summer.

Take a look at the Japanese reveal trailer in the video above.

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