Just Cause Movie May have Just Found its Lead

Apparently the equally ridiculous and explosive Just Cause video game series is set to get its own movie, and when it does, Aquaman’s Jason Momoa may be starring as the main protagonist, Rico Rodriguez.

According to Deadline, Momoa has signed on to star in the Just Cause movie along with Brad Peyton who’ll take the lead on a screenplay by John Collee. Interestingly Peyton is used to ridiculous and explosive as he directed San Andreas which was not only a pretty great movie, but did pretty well in the box office.

The movie will have a similar premise as the game with Rico Rodriguez tasked with an operation as a member of The Agency. However, this mission will play on Rico’s conscience.

The movie will also see Jeff Fierson producing along side Peyton as well as Roy Lee, Adrian Askarieh, Eva Cai, and Mason XU and Fan Dong. The movie will be distributed by 20th Century Fox worldwide, with DNA distributing in China.

Could this finally be a decent video game movie? Probably not.