Killing Floor 2 Conjures Up Fresh Horrors With Free “Descent” Content Pack

Looks like veteran Zed hunters and newbies alike are about to get some brand new ways to slaughter Horzine’s twisted creations because Tripwire Interactive have announced the release of a free content update for Killing Floor 2 titled the Descent Content Pack.

The pack includes two maps – the eponymous map titled The Descent as well as the addition of the popular community map Nuked into the official map lineup – alongside two new weapons (the scorching Spitfire flare pistol and the mighty Stoner 63A light machine gun) and a Trophy update for PS4 that adds more trophies centered on the recently released maps.

The Descent map also introduces a new Survival “sub-mode” titled Holdout in which players will be randomly transported to a new battle location at the start of each round, making them vulnerable to any Zeds hoping to catch them off-guard.

To celebrate the release of the Descent Content Pack, Killing Floor 2 will be sold at a 33% discount on the North American PlayStation Network from now until March 28th.

The Steam version of the game will receive both a free weekend and a 50% discount starting on March 23rd and concluding on March 27th.

Killing Floor 2 is available on Steam and PS4.

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