Know Your Enemy With Prey’s New Video

Get to know the mysterious and terrifying ‘Typhon’ organisms with Arkane Studios’ newest Prey video, Typhon Research. The video show cases some of the shady looking and terrifying enemies that you will be coming up against throughout the game, as well as some of the unique abilities and mechanics available.

When will these big mega-corps like TransStar learn not to mess with the weird alien creatures? Stop trying to incorporate the alien DNA into humans. We haven’t managed it with animals we mostly understand yet, what makes you think you can do it with extra-terrestrial life?

Mimics were bad enough when they just impersonated loot crates and chests. Now that they can be literally anything ‘…of a similar mass.’ they just got a whole lot more terrifying! Mind controlling aliens is nothing new (Looking at you XCOM sectoids…) but that doesn’t mean you can take them lightly. The illusive Phantom bad guys look set to infuriate and confuse players with their short range teleports and close quarters melee attacks.

The creepy and off-putting visual aesthetic of Prey is definitely Arkane’s forte, as seen in Dishonored and Dishonored 2. Borrowing heavily from Dishonored‘s style, players will combine alien powers and human tech in order to over come enemies and challenges, battling to save mankind from the lethal Typhon. Boasting an ‘open space station’, players will be able to explore and discover the mysteries behind the Typhon and Morgan Yu’s past at their own pace.

Sharing a similar vibe with that of Dead Space, Prey has some pretty big and beefy space boots to fill, but it looks certain to impress!

Prey is set to release May 5 for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

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