Since EnVyUs was eliminated from Group A of Apex, everyone’s attention has switch to Lunatic-Hai and their roster of superstars.

The fan-favourite team has been strong for some time, fielding some of the most exciting talent in all of professional Overwatch. Apart from some flashes in the pan from Kongdoo Uncia, the Group A Decider was, well, decidedly one-sided in favour of Lunatic-Hai.

On the attack

We’ve all heard the common sports adage, “the best defence is a good offence”. This was never more true for Lunatic-Hai as they brought down Kongdoo Uncia last Friday. The tale of the tape can be seen in he following clip:

Time and again, Lunatic-Hai came out on top in crucial engagements that would end up snowballing for Kongdoo Uncia. WhoRU and Esca were particularly destructive, teaming up for countless kills and incessant harassment, never giving Lucid and Bubbly room to breathe. Even when they were getting shut down, Lunatic-Hai’s positioning and overall strategy seemed much more polished than that of their opposition. Kongdoo Uncia overextended too many times, and Lunatic-Hai was always there to capitalise:

Another thing worth mentioning is that Lunatic-Hai’s target prioritisation was vastly superior to that of Kongdoo Uncia’s. Uncia had a few potentially big plays that just left a ton of damage on the table and resulted in either no kills, or just one kill. Lunatic-Hai, on the other hand made big plays happen by burning down the right people at the right times. They even managed to cap point A of Anubis in 50 seconds with a composition that shouldn’t have been that efficient.

Support: It’s more than just healing

Often times, players on the ladder get a bit complacent when they choose support characters. Or even worse, good support players end up being harassed by teammates who don’t seem to understand that six guns are better than four whenever possible. All game long, Lunatic-Hai’s Ryujehong and Tobi, as well as Kongdoo Uncia’s Lucid and Bubbly, showed why being a well-rounded support player is so pivotal in Overwatch. Ryujehong in particular has played a famously intense Ana for months now, becoming popular with fans around the world. Watch here as he narrowly escapes Birdring’s Genji:

A 180 sleep dart under pressure is no joke, but it separates the men from the boys. Lucid also landed a good five or so key sleep darts of his own, ending WhoRU’s Dragonblades on multiple occasions. By providing auxiliary damage and ending game-changing ultimates, a good support player can be so much more than just a heal bot. Next time you want to scream at an aggressive Ana, consider the alternative. You always want someone with the presence of mind to be multi-functional on the battlefield.

Player to Watch: Miro

Tanking is one of the most difficult aspects of Overwatch, both from in execution and strategy. With how flexible the current meta is, picking the right tank for the job is never a simple endeavour. Miro is one of the best tanks in the world right now, becoming an infamous Winston, but also playing a very fundamentally-sound Reinhardt. Now that Winston won’t be the victim of as many headshots, it’s going to be interesting seeing how valuable he becomes to Lunatic-Hai going forward. As it stands, he very well could be the best Winston in the world. Over the last month or two, he’s opened a lot of eyes to the utility of the lovable gorilla, often being cited as people’s inspiration for becoming Winston mains. Here’s hoping he continues his streak of dominance.

Apex Season 2 has been an interesting event so far. All of the Western teams have been eliminated, which is as disappointing as it is encouraging for the Overwatch eSports scene.  It’s a good thing because it means the Korean brand of competition has gotten to a point where its becoming the best in the world. Why does that matter? With KeSPA (The Korean eSports Association) closing the Starcraft Proleague last year, many have been curious whether or not Overwatch would step up as the next big competitive Blizzard title in Korea. Though they’ve has always had good teams, the global spotlight has been on the West pretty much since launch. But with teams like Lunatic-Hai (#2 globally) and Kongdoo Uncia (#12 globally) flexing their muscles, it looks like that might start to change very soon.

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