Finding a partner who shares similar interests with you makes a relationship feel stronger. Whether that be sports interests, liking the same music or playing video games, but typically sharing a hobby with someone helps you connect better. Unless you’re a male gamer with a partner who also games regularly, according to a new study. It should be noted that the study reflects gamers in the UK.

The team at VoucherCodesPro.co.uk has conducted research as part of an ongoing study into how technology has affected the modern day relationship. 85% of female gamers are in a relationship with someone who is also into video games, on the flip side just 34% of male gamers have a partner who shares the same interest. One step further from that, three-quarters of male gamers with a partner also into video games confess that they think their other half spends more time on gaming than with them. Male gamers are feeling neglected by their gaming partners but looking at the top games that female gamers play, it helps you see why.

The top games played by females consist of The Sims, Final Fantasy and Zelda. All time-consuming titles that lead these players to spend more times with their consoles rather than with their partner. According to the 2,198 people in the study, all aged 18 and over, 27% of females said that they were likely to be found playing The Sims, 20% in Final Fantasy, 16% in Zelda, 15% playing Candy Crush and 13% would be found playing Minecraft.

Similarly, when the male portion of the study was asked which games they were most likely to play the top answer was Grand Theft Auto at 41%. Other games to round out the study include 35% of males playing Candy Crush, 31% with Call of Duty, 22% playing Fallout and the final 19% playing FIFA.

Also, according to the poll, more than 50% of the respondents said that they regularly had arguments with their partner over one or both of them spending too much time on their games. Maybe if the couples would spend more time playing a co-op game together there would be less arguing.

George Charles, spokesperson for VoucherCodesPro.co.uk, made the following comments:

It’s all well and good having a hobby, and you can make new friends on some games, but it’s important to remember that it’s just a game and that there is a real world out there. Whilst some games, like Grand Theft Auto, give you an online feature to talk to your friends, games such as The Sims are for individual use the odd hour here and there is fine, but it’s easy to lose track of time when you’ve got your head in a game and let the world and commitments pass you by.”

Just by looking at the top games answered by the female portion of the study, four of the five games lack a social component. Each one, other than Minecraft, being solely a single player experience. Your gaming choice should never be an issue and clearly, you can play what you want. But if you’re in one of these ‘gamer relationships’ and are feeling neglected, why not try to introduce a co-op game you can play together?

You keep the gaming hobby alive while spending time together and playing something like Portal 2 can be more constructive for your relationship as a whole. I’m no expert by any means but there’s a suggestion for you.

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