Netflix Unveils Death Note Trailer

What do you jot down in your notebook? Notes from college? Ideas for a novel? How to wish to kill your enemies? Make note of that last one. Because that’s what you can do with a Death Note.

What’s a Death Note? It’s a book where if you write down somebody’s name, they die. If you fancy getting technical, you can even describe how it can happen. Death Note, the anime and manga it was based on, was huge hit in Japan where Japanese schools had to step in as people began creating their own Death Notes.

You of course, someone was going to have a crack at doing a Western version.

Though this trailer shows off very little, except the Death Note and perhaps token kind-of good guy, L.

Will it be any good? We’ll just have to wait until August the 25 to find out if we have no Dragon Ball Evolution on our hands.