Mirage Tinker Class Trailer

Wizards, mages and warlocks pay heed! Hot on the heels of some fresh new gameplay footage of Torn Banner Studios’ Mirage: Arcane Warfare from PAX East comes a new trailer getting up close and personal with the “Tinker” class.

Not going to lie, the overexcited, almost Claptrap-esque vibe I’m personally getting from her dialogue really isn’t selling me on the character but her play style certainly is – an agile rogue using her small size, great speed, devious gadgets and command of both swashbuckling melee moves and deadly magic to gain an edge in battle.

The Tinker will be packing six unique abilities:

  • Hook Shot – Shoot a hook that pulls an enemy towards you,
  • Stasis – Fire a projectile that lifts an enemy up in the air, taking them out of the fight briefly,
  • Proximity Mine – Place a mine that explodes when enemies come close,
  • Obelisk – Call forth an obelisk as a defensive structure, then explode it on command,
  • Dervish – Perform a quick evasive jump followed by a stab with a powerful lunge,
  • Kickflip – A quick kick that creates a large distance between you and your target.

Mirage: Arcane Warfare will be coming to PC in 2017. Players can sign up for the game’s Closed Alpha from the game’s official website.


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