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New Prey Gameplay Trailer Breakdown

So many powers, so many choices!


Bethesda’s Playing With Powers trailer dropped yesterday and it is PACKED with all sorts of human and alien skills we will soon be able to tap into!

This trailer (featured at the bottom of this article) details some of the powers that you will be able to utilise in the game. There are “human traits” and “alien traits”, however, you aren’t restricted to one of the other. There are trade offs though, for example, while using the alien powers may be awesome, the station’s security turrets will start to recognise you as an alien instead of a human if you lean more towards those powers.

How do you attain these nifty tricks you ask? Well you take your handy dandy Neuromod and stab it’s needles into your eye hole so it can alter your brain, duh!

So lets take a look at what some of these abilities will do.

Repair Trait

This allows you to, well, repair things. Whats cool is it seems you will be able to manipulate a lot of machinery throughout the station. So you can have turrets do all your dirty work for you! Another neat perk is you can also modify weapons with this trait. So upgrade that Gloo Canon!


This one is another pretty straight forward one. Locked door in your way? Hack it. Need to get into a safe? Hack it. You get the idea

Combat Focus

This trait lets you think faster while the world around you slows down. Yay super speed!


Now, this isn’t necessarily a trait so much as it is a tool. The Psycho-Scope allows you to scan things. I know right? Big whoop, BUT, when you scan enemies you can acquire whatever abilities they have! Yea, you just got a lot more interested, didn’t you?

Kinetic Blast

This is one of the first alien abilities you’ll be able to acquire. “It’s like a psychic grenade” Enough said.


Taken from the name of the aliens themselves, this nifty trait seems to allow you to turn into anything. Turrets, Chairs, coffee cups.. No really, you can turn into a coffee cup.

Super Thermal

Fire bomb, its a really big fire bomb, BUT this fire bomb can be used as a tramp. Place it where you want it, walk away and lure your alien foes into the blast.

Lift Field

This ability can be used for traversal as well as a trap. Use it to get up into hard to reach places or place one and let an alien walk into it. It will launch them into the air, rendering them harmless and you get some sweet target practice out of it.

Remote Manipulation

A fancy way of saying “Telekinesis”. This lets you pull things closer to you, manipulate things from far away, but why stop there? You can hack and repair things from far away as well.

Phantom Shift

This nifty escape tool allows you to shoot across rooms while simultaneously creating a doppelganger of yourself, keeping your enemies not focused on you.

Mind Jack

This fancy way of saying mind control lets you control enemies and make them do your bidding.


Stock up a ton of kinetic energy and unleash it on your enemies. Do massive damage to the enemy and nullify ant abilities they may have.

While this certainly is a lot to process, its clear that player freedom won’t be scarce in this game.

Prey releases world wide May 5!

Check out the gameplay trailer below.

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