New Quake Champions Trailers Highlight Arena and Champion

As promised, Bethesda has released two new trailers for Quake Champions, one which takes a closer look at Nyx, one of the game’s many Champions, and another which explores Blood Covenant.

So let’s dive right in and take a look at Nyx. She’s the first Champion to be profiled by Bethesda and comes with a handful of stats and two abilities. With 100 starting health and 75 starting armour, Nyx likely sets a base for Champions within the game. Her abilities include an Active Ability called Ghost Walk, which lets her explore another dimension making her not only invisible, but immune to damage. This ability can also be used to perform an Ability Kill by “re-materialising” in the same spot as an enemy.

Her Passive Ability, Wall Jump, is pretty much what you’d expect. This ability allows her to double jump, once from the ground and again from a wall. This allows her to gain an advantage over other players by jumping higher, and reaching ledges unreachable by jumping from the ground alone.

Her trailer can be seen below:

Next up is the first arena for the game, Blood Covenant. This may actually look quite familiar to some and that’s because it’s based on The Camping Grounds (Q3DM6), a beloved map from Quake III Arena. This reimagining of a legendary arena features all of the things that made the original great such as the long Jump Pad and Rocket Launcher, among other things. However there are also a few “secrets” that await players.

Check it out below:

Quake Champions is currently heading into Closed Beta. Players can sign up ahead of time by going to the game’s website.

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