A new version of the Samsung Gear VR headset will be available from April 21 and comes bundled with a brand new controller. The core headset is the same as previous models, just in a different colour, “orchid grey”.

The new addition is the battery powered controller which will ship with the headset. Dedicated controllers have become a staple for high end VR units so it’s great to see the Gear follow suit. The controller will allow for a new level of interactivity and will ease UI navigation and web browsing. It contains an accelerometer, gyrometer and magnetic sensors.

The bundle will cost $129, and there are big plans for the controller implementation. Oculus and Samsung have already announced that over 70 titles will be available that work with the controller in the coming months. There will be 20 titles available at launch which will make use of the controller in some ways.

Back in January, Samsung confirmed that 5 million units had been sold, so the number will be much higher at this point.

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