NieR: Automata Coming To Steam on March 17th

PC gamers hoping to play Square Enix and Platinum Games’ hotly anticipated action-packed sort-of-sequel NieR: Automata may officially breathe a sigh of relief – Square Enix have confirmed that the PC version of the game will be coming to Steam on March 17th, a week after its initial March 7th release on PS4.

I recently completed the demo on console and I was very impressed with what I played. The game packs some fast-paced, stylish and easy to pick up hack’n’slash combat and I enjoyed a lot of the first mission’s big set-piece moments. I don’t want to drop the “second coming of Metal Gear Rising” quote until we’ve seen the rest of the game, but my finger’s hovering over the button.

Here’s hoping this will be the title that brings Platinum back to their A-game.

NieR: AUTOMATA will arrive on PS4 on March 7th and on PC on March 17th. The PC version can be pre-ordered on Steam.

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