Nintendo Switch Sells 80,000 Units in the UK

According to the Nintendo Switch has manged to sell double the amount of units at launch compared to the Wii U, at least in the UK it has.

The report reveals that the Nintendo Switch managed to shift around 80,000 units during its opening weekend beginning March 3 to March 5. This is double the number that the Wii U sold during its first weekend in 2012.

While it’s an impressive number for Nintendo’s latest home console, it has nothing on the first weekend sales of the Nintendo 3DS (113,000), Xbox One (150,000), and PlayStation 4 (250,000).

It’s worth noting however that these numbers are not from Nintendo. The company is yet to announce official information regarding sales of the Nintendo Switch. This is purely hearing back from retailers.

In the US, GameStop has said that the Switch had one of the strongest launches in recent years, but had no figures to back this claim.

I guess we’ll just have to wait for Nintendo to pipe up.

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