No Man’s Sky Pathfinder Update Brings a Land Vehicle to the Game

Although No Man’s Sky wasn’t necessarily a bad game, it’s marketing and empty promises made it look that way. While exploring distant planets and discovering new species was often enthralling, one thing did however become fairly tedious and that was walking for days looking for that rare element.

This endless walking exploring the same corners of the “randomly generated” planets unfortunately had a deeper impact on gameplay as there was literally nothing else to do once you’d discovered and explored a handful of planets. Now however, a new update is on the way, the “Path Finder Update” which according to Hello Games “shows the path forward” for the game.

Of course they’re keeping details under wraps for now, because you don’t want to promise something you can’t deliver, eh? But what they have revealed is a new vehicle will be incoming that’ll “aid home planet exploration,” so a dune buggy?

Nothing else to add unfortunately but Hello Games did say that more details will be unveiled later this week.

No Man’s Sky has been slowly getting various updates bringing more features to the game. The last major update was the Foundation Update which brought base building to the game and offered players the chance to choose a “home planet”.

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