No Man’s Sky Pathfinder Update is Surprisingly Good

You’ve got to hand it to Hello Games. Despite all of the constant negative feedback they receive for No Man’s Sky, they’re soldiering on releasing pretty substantial updates to hopefully restore faith in their abilities. Earlier this week they announced the Pathfinder update, and have now unveiled exactly what’s in store, and it’s quite impressive.

So what’s the deal? Well the teaser announcement suggested a new land vehicle would be incoming, and that is indeed correct. In fact, there are multiple ground vehicles, or Exocraft as they’re called, that’ll allow players to get around planets a little easier. There’s a speedy hovercraft-type vehicle, a lunar-lander-type, and a larger cargo hauler. Players can even participate in custom races, if they see fit.

Aside from vehicles, the update also brings PS4 Pro improvements with 4K rendering, graphical improvements from delta color compression to automatic depth buffer decompression, there’s also higher-resolution textures, a HDR mode, and better lighting effects have also been added. Finally, the game gets a dedicated photo mode that’ll allow players to manipulate time of day, cloud spread, filters, and more.

Players can now also own multiple spaceships which can be stored in their own personal freighter. Ships can also be specialised from dedicated fighter ships to larger haulage ships. If only there were some decent multiplayer features that allowed players to share their worlds.

Hello Games have kind-of tried to implement something, in the form of base sharing, which allows players to share their own base, perfect for sharing circuits allowing players the chance to take part in asynchronous time-trial races, which ads a sort-of social element to the game.

Last but not least, the game now has a Permadeath mode, for those wanting a challenge. This allows players to take on the ultimate survival challenge with a single life. Once they die, it’s game over and they have to start all over again.

These features have been a long-time coming, and I’m definitely keen on revisiting the game.