We’ve nearly had a decade of superhero movies. Overall, most of them have been great, of course with the good you’ll get some bad, and all know this has an expiry date.

What am I talking about? I’m talking about when superhero movies go out of fashion and how it’s likely that they go the way of the Western. You know, the moment the blockbuster-going public decide something else is their favourite flavour of the month.

Of course, the problem with that is how Marvel and DC are both hoping to have a long-term shared universe of movies as big as their line of published books. So what can Marvel, DC, and any other comic book publisher in the moving sound and images business going to do when the bubble bursts? Shut up shop and just dream about the good old golden days when they used to blow their noses with one dollar bills?

Well, it’s not the end of the world if you think about it. Since you know Marvel and even DC have a universe that consists of more than just superheroes. When the superhero bubble inevitably bursts, just make more movies in the shared universe that aren’t necessarily focusing on superheroes.

Yes, the superheroes will still be there, but they could move into the background a little. Odd references here and there would suffice. Let’s face it, these big publishers have a lot to choose from, you’ve got Westerns like The Two-Gun Kid, spy-wise you’ve got the adventures of Nick Fury, and even some horror books.

Maybe, they could be even more original and create fresh stories about pretty much anything, like martial arts for example. I mean why end the grand experiment? Why not try merging even more genres together to see what we can get?

How would a team up movie like that look? Someone from a horror movie, like a slasher or survivor, a SHIELD agent, or even an alien? It’d be at least kind of interesting and you never know. This could be seat filler that allows superhero movies to come back into fashion.

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