Plague Inc The Board Game (1)

Following an incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign back in May last year, Ndemic Creation’s Plague Inc.: The Board Game is finally ready for release.

Set to launch next week, Plague Inc.: The Board Game will bring desease-spreading action to the tabletop for 1-4 players. Much like the video game, players assume the role of diseases and fight to infect the world with the goal of becoming the first to wipe out humanity. Think of it similar to Pandemic, but the opposite.

In the game, players’ own pathogens evolve during the game using Trait cards such as Nose Bleed, Air Transmission, and Total Organ Failure. Event cards will also help players along the way which feature worldwide events such as The Olympics which will have their disease spread to new continents, or simply sending a bomb to their opponents cities.

On the release, Ndemic founder, James Vaughan said:

“I’m immensely proud of the contagious gameplay in Plague Inc: The Board Game and it’s great to see both critics and players giving it rave reviews. Separately we’re also now able to confirm that none of the games contain live anthrax spores.”

Check out some of the images of Plague Inc.: The Board Game, below.

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