Pokémon Go Trading Could be Limited to Local-only

Here’s something that might ruin your weekend, apparently when trading eventually comes to Pokémon Go it may be limited to just local trades meaning you’ll need to be with the other person in order to trade Pokés.

At GDC, Niantic Labs’ senior product manager Tatsuo Nomura told Polygon that trading “won’t be through the internet” and that “the person needs to be in your proximity,” the reason for this is simply because “you shouldn’t be able to exchange your Pokemon with someone who is 100 miles away from you.”

Niantic Labs has confirmed that at least three major updates will be coming to Pokémon Go this year, trading most likely being one of these additions, and while it may disappoint some that they won’t be able to trade for region-specific monsters, at least the option to trade will be there.

However, it looks as if there’s still some work to do on the feature as Nomura added that they’re “still trying to come up with an answer [to trading] that makes sense so it doesn’t kill the game,” adding that “if we fail this, we can easily kill the game.”

Pokémon Go recently soared past 650 million downloads globally and its latest update added over 80 Pokémon to the game.