PSA: Mass Effect Andromeda Trial Beings Tomorrow for EA Subscribers

Attention all EA and Origin Access subscribers, your early access to one of this year’s hottest titles starts tomorrow, March 16. EA is giving you 10 hours to spend with Mass Effect Andromeda a few days before the game launches next week.

The 10 hours given to subscribers will allow players to experience the first parts of the single player mode which includes character customization, missions and exploring your first planet. The good news is if you opt to buy the game on the same platform, your progress will carry over to the full game. Your membership will save you 10% off the full purchase, so keep that in mind.

Though if you play through the missions quickly and get bored of exploring the planet, what do you do with the leftover hours? Luckily for you the trial also gives you full access to Mass Effect Andromeda’s multiplayer for the remainder of the trial. The multiplayer mode is a co-operative experience for up to four players to take on waves of enemies, complete challenges and escape the battlefield when the job is done. The team based multiplayer mode is sure to add countless hours of fun on top of the tons of single player hours the game will provide, should you pick up the full game.

PSA: Mass Effect Andromeda Trial Beings Tomorrow for EA Subscribers - n3rdabl3

If you’re not an EA or Origin access member, don’t worry, you can still sign up today and even tomorrow to get your 10-hour early access trial to Bioware’s newest game. Xbox One owners can join EA access for $4.99 a month or $29.99 a year and PC players can subscribe to Origin Access for the same price model. In my opinion, it’s absolutely worth it.

Along with the early access to upcoming EA titles, the service also provides full games in their “Vault.” The Vault includes past EA games for subscribers to download and play as long as they have an active subscription. Both services offer different titles but if you’re wanting to get into the Mass Effect series, both Vaults include Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3. So for $30 you can gain access to at least three stellar games, one controversial ending and a 10 hour trial to the next title in the Mass Effect series.

I have a feeling that my 10-hour trial will be spent mainly making my character for the space journey ahead. Mass Effect Andromeda comes to Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC on March 21. Check out the launch trailer here.