PSVR Releases this Week (28/03/17)

Good news PlayStation fans! This week sees the release of not one, but two PSVR games, Fated: The Silent Oath, and Korix.

This may seem a little thin on the ground but with one of them a viking adventure and the other a tower-defence strategy game there’s plenty here to love. So let’s take a look at them shall we?

Fated: The Silent Oath

PSVR Releases this Week (28/03/17) - n3rdabl3

Fated: The Silent Oath is a viking adventure game in which a Man must find safety for his family. With archery and horse cart driving there’s plenty to keep you busy as you explore the world around you.

With an emphasis on emotional storytelling and the option to interact with those around you by shaking or nodding your head, Fated urges you to form meaningful connections with each character. The game is a few hours long and looks to be more proof that VR is the best place for creative and heavy storytelling.


PSVR Releases this Week (28/03/17) - n3rdabl3

Korix is a tower defence RTS with a thumping retro soundtrack and 90’s sci-fi visuals. Defend the base from attack by building turrets, all the while looking over the whole area as Commander.

With a multi-tool in hand the player must progress through stages of increasing difficulty where it will be necessary to stay two steps ahead at all times. Korix features a three to five-hour campaign, skirmish modes and online multiplayer (two to four players co-op or vs).