Quake Champions Burial Chamber Arena Detailed

Today we got our first look at one of the incredible Arenas coming to Quake Champions, Burial Chamber, a gothic and bleak combat space with smoldering lava pools, tight corridors, and treacherous open spaces.

Here, no one is safe from enemy Rockets and Rails. To traverse this Arena, you’ll need some serious skill, or fall to a molten death, your choice. Catch your first look at Burial Chamber in the video below

Here’s the official Burial Chamber Breakdown from Bethesda:

“The bones of a massive beast adorn the entry to this gigantic tomb. Hazardous platforms at the Perilous Outcropping are scattered across the sea of lava, providing an ideal sniping spot for those skilled enough to make the leap. The winding tunnels and low ceilings, along with the claustrophobic grave sites of the Molten Underground allow the opportunity for heavier Champions to do some serious splash damage. The Lava Falls could also provide an excellent chokepoint for skilled tacticians. Lava is a prevalent threat throughout the level, be careful not to fall in.”

Quake Champions will be free-to-play when it launches, though players will have the option to buy the game. No release date has currently been announced, but a Closed Beta is incoming which players can sign up for on the official website.

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