Quake Champions will be Free-to-Play But you can Buy it too?

Quake has been around since the 90s and has acrewed a massive fan base around the globe. The latest addition to the franchise will be Quake Champions, continuing the long running tradition of arena shooters.

The base game will launch giving players unlimited access to one Champion, Ranger, however you will be able to buy the Champion Pack, giving players access to the entire roster. This allows players to use all of the Champions and their unique abilities to gain the upper hand in combat and effectively defeat their opponents.

Players who would rather not spend the extra will still be able to access the other heroes by using the in-game currency “favor”. Doing so only grants the player temporary access and will require the player to purchase the champion again in order to continue using them. Just how long you will have access to them remains to be seen, as well as their in-game cost or how you will earn “favor”. This will allow players to avoid spending any real money on the game at all if they so choose, however having only temporary access to a given hero may become quite frustrating at times.

Quake Champions will be Free-to-Play But you can Buy it too? - n3rdabl3

In-game favor will also be able to be used to purchase backpacks which allow players to tackle Rune Trials, if successful players will earn a reliquaries which can be opened to unloack new heroes and skins.

Tim Willits, Creative Director, said that the model comes as an effort to reach as many players as possible. Giving players the choice to spend extra or to simply spend their favor to unlock champions for a fixed time will be a refreshing change of pace. Figuring out just how long you will have access to them will be worked on in the closed beta you sign up to here. Hoping to appeal to both new players and old hands it will be interesting to see!

Willits went on to mention something of the future plans for Quake Champions, hoping to become a leading name on the competitive eSports scene with its various team game modes and the intense Duals mode. Hoping to fill a void in competitive games, the Duals mode will pit players against each other in one-on-one deathmatches, it certainly has potential to attract a massive following.