Quark VR Team Have Created a Wireless HTC Vive

With VR devices now very much a part of mainstream culture, their successes and limitations are becoming clearer each day. One of the main problems of current VR hardware is the number of wires required to make the headset function. The virtual world can be as immersive as it wants but until the users are able to move around untethered (physically) to devices, the experience will suffer.

The team behind Quark VR are making steps towards the future of VR and have produced a working wireless prototype of the HTC Vive.

The amazing thing about this technology is that it is capable of streaming to multiple devices at once. The team have been working to unshackle the Vive for several months now, and with help from Valve have achieved just that.

The unit operates by connecting to a single board computer and features a battery pack with up to 2 hours of charge. The good news is that this is a software solution, meaning that it is applicable to multiple headsets. The developers have described it as “hardware agnostic”.

The new tech is showcased in a video teaser. It’s all very exciting stuff and a great step forward for VR as a whole.