Here’s the Opening Cinematic for Rain World

It looks like Adult Swim Have been busy as of late. With Pocket Mortys fairing well and the up and coming excitement of seeing Toejam & Earl: Back in the Groove, well, back in the groove, the publishers have been lending a fairly keen hand to many independent developers recently.

But it’s Rain World that’s been on the tongue of indie fans for a while now and the game is almost upon us as it launches tomorrow (March 28).

The game features around a small, nomadic creature called a Slugcat. Separated from his family, he must evade a sleuth of other inhabitants that prowl the empty ruins of a once grand civilisation whilst looking for food and not becoming food itself. The game looks to be on the larger side of things too, with over 1600 areas over a span of 12 different regions.

Gameplay suggests that stealth is the key here, avoiding being eaten by larger creatures by hiding and tiptoeing around the enemies whilst not being washed away by the rain.

“In Rain World’s living ecosystem, creatures act according to their own survival instincts and learn from each encounter” Adult Swim said in a press release.

Levels are seemingly procedurally-generated too, as mentioned by the developers Videocult. This could allow for a massive, differing experience for each individual player.

You can see the opening cinematic scene here:

What is evident, is that the game developers, have clearly taken massive influence from the 16bit style essence of those immaculate Delphin Software games such as Flashback, but more to the point, Another World. The sprawling backdrops and animation look amazing with an in-depth twist on what we have seen before, but somewhat fresher.

The game will see a PS4 and PC via Steam release on March 28, we’ll possibly see a Vita release “and other platforms” in the not so distant future, too.

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