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Coinciding with Ubisoft’s reveal and subsequent launch of its second year content for Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, ESL and Ubisoft have announced that the popular shooter title will be seeing a second year of esports in its Pro League.

The decision to extend Rainbow Six Siege‘s esports lifetime makes perfect sense in consideration with the growing post-launch success of the title, as well as its impressive display in competition this year. With the finals accumulating 120,000 simultaneous viewers for the three day event, it’s clear that with the proper continued first-party support, Rainbow Six Siege could be around for a while.

A particularly interesting nugget from this announcement highlights that this second year of competition will be exclusively on Windows PC, while console players are relegated to the Major Leagues. The game traditionally has had significant support for the console playerbase, which is a decidedly interesting feature for such a twitch-reflex intensive first-person-shooter. Alexandre Remy, brand director, clarified that the decision to go fully PC with Rainbow Six Siege is to “[promote] the positive values that we embrace” citing specifically the “hard work and the sacrifices they make.”

Competition for the Year 2 Pro League will be starting up incredibly soon, on March 20 in North America, March 23 in Europe, and March 26 in Brazil.

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