Robotics will Reduce the Danger of Zomibes

If your name is Data or R2D2 you’re in luck, since I reckon awesome machines are the best way to avoid the danger of a zombie apocalypse. Think about it, your typical garden variety zombie virus is organic, if in the infected bites you and you just happen to made out of meat… You’re pretty much screwed.

Come to think of it, if a zombie takes a bit out of your cheeseburger, can the virus be passed on that way? Either way, keep your sausage rolls as far away as possible from any zombies.

However, none of these issues would be an issue if you were an android. Sorry cyborgs, you’d still be 50% screwed… though come to think of it a bit of zombie plague would’ve probably taken care of the Borg in Star Trek.

So imagine if zombie invasion were to kick off, who are you going to send in to rid the world of the flesh-eating undead? Are you going to waste your time sending the special elite unit, STARs from Resident Evil? Or are you just going to cut to the chase and send a bunch of cool androids in?

Of course, you can’t send in the Androids from Dragon Ball Z for very obvious reasons, no one wants another Cell Saga drama again. Though, you can rely on Data from the Enterprise, Red Tornado, and those friendly folks from the Autobots.

Someone should go and pitch this stuff to Elon Musk or another eccentric billionaire to build some anti-zombie androids?

Maybe we could end the Walking Dead with this idea. If Karl came across a bunch of robots in storage that just needed switching on, then maybe it’ll end another TV show that everyone seems to be talking about that I’ve never read or kept up with on TV.

Of course, we all know the ultimate robot in a zombie plague or invasion would be a Megazord or even Voltron, since they could just crush everyone and just end all the drama before it blows completely out of proportion.

Just don’t count on Bender from Futurama since he’ll drink all your beer and screw you over by taking your wallet or selling your organs.