Rocket League’s New DropShot Mode is Electric

Psyonix has unveiled a brand new mode coming to Rocket League later this month, DropShot, which puts players in control of the goal.

From Football we had Hockey, then from Hockey we had Basketball, now we’ve got DropShot, a brand new mode coming for free to Rocket League on March 22. But what exactly is it? Well, this neon-electrical mode have players not only fighting for the ball, but fighting to make their goal zone bigger.

Players must bounce the ball in their half of the arena to “break through” the floor in order to open up a goal. Taking place in a huge hexagonal arena called Core 707, DropShot has players fighting to create their own “dynamic scoring areas” by using an electrified ball to smash through a hexagonal grid on the floor. Once a goal is scored, these holes are refilled and the madness starts again.

Initially, the ball itself will only smash through a small section of the arena, but as players dribble, pass, and hit the ball, it’ll become stronger opening up much larger areas of the arena.

When the mode arrives on March 22, it’ll come with its own online Playlist and will be available in both Private and Exhibition matches. Check it out in the trailer below:


The DropShot update will also include six new Achievements and Trophies, as well as an eSports-focused “Live Now” button so players can hop into official streams. The update will also bring Competitive Season 3 to an end, and ring in the start of Competitive Season 4.