sacred fire

Attention RPG fans! There’s something new on the horizon thanks to the efforts of Poetic Studio – an independent developer from Slovakia. The game they’re conjuring is called Sacred Fire and has been dubbed a Psycological RPG. A term that’s definitely new to my ears but has piqued my interest.

The game focuses on the inner struggles and torment of being on the battlefield as well as the physical road blocks that one would have to climb in order to make it through the night. Power, survival and hope are some key themes to look forward to being explored. Thanks to the storytelling platform that the studio is putting together, players will be able to resolve conflict by using a mixture of areas such as intelligence, skill and empathy in order to balance the fear and anger that the characters will face.

The cogs of my imagination have already begun to turn when thinking about the different ways this idea can be approached and how cool it could turn out to be from a gameplay perspective if executed properly. It would allow for a much greater sense of immersion too, where players care about the characters in a way thats far deeper than other many other RPGS.

Poetic’s work hasn’t gone unnoticed as Sacred Fire has recently been greenlit by Steam Greenlight community. And speaking of things that sound good, the voice of Geralt from The Witcher 3 (Doug Cockle) is also on board so maybe you can expect to hear that husky brown voice once again. Check out this little teaser below. For more information about the game and the developers behind it, click here.

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