Sad Piggies

Launching on Kickstarter today is a brand new card game called Sad Piggies, a game where you help pigs die horribly. Sounds depressing right? But it’s not, trust me, it’s all in good, morbid humour.

Team Piggies has launched their Kickstarter campaign for Sad Piggies today and are hoping to secure $7,500 to make the game a reality. To briefly describe the game, the campaign reads:

“Sad Piggies is a 2-4 person card game reminiscent of good ol’ “Monopoly Deal” – except, you collect piggy corpses instead of properties.”

Mmmm, lovely. In a little more detail, players each take turns to draw from a stack of cards called “Tool Cards” these Tool Cards help players “collect” Piggy Cards and Action Cards which can be used to steal Piggie Cards from other players. There are also cards which will either help or hinder gameplay for you and your opponents.

Rather than have me explain what to do, here’s a quick demo play through of a current prototype:

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While it sounds simple in execution, it looks as if there’s some deep strategy in the game as players can earn rewards by securing piggies as well as denying players their turn. What’s more, the art on each of the cards looks adorable too, even if all of the pigs featured are dead…

As it’s early days, you can currently pick up your own deck of Sad Piggies for just $20, however as time goes on and all of these early bird decks get taken, you’ll have to pay $25. If the campaign is successful, you can expect to get your Sad Piggies by July.

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