Scalebearer Rushes into Quake Champions

Meet Scalebearer, the galactic warlord and newest champion t be revealed for upcoming arena shooter Quake Champions. Check out his reveal trailer below!

Like any good warlord, Scalebearer’s back story is a tale of destruction and bloodshed worthy of the halls of Valhalla!

“This warlord of the marauding Greiss plundered the technology of countless worlds to strengthen his armies. But defeat by a reclusive, phase-shifting race led to his exile. Obsessed with vengeance, he discovered their power source: an ancient shrine holding a seething sphere of liquid within. When at last he slaughtered its guardians and entered, the sphere consumed him – and he vanished. He awoke in the Dreamlands, a bizarre, brutal realm, transformed by arcane energy. Now he seeks a way back to the waking world to regain his command and wield his newfound might.”

This mysterious ‘phase-shifting’ race that brought about Scale’s downfall have plenty of potential to join the Champion’s roster and lead to some interesting grudge-match style engagements! Maybe some unique game modes pitting the two champions against each other as the ultimate revenge/title bout. Speculation but it’s definitely got potential.

Scalebearer will bring with him a set of unique skills to compete against his opponents. The fearsome Bull Rush, allowing you to charge through your foes and reduce them to nothing but chunks, and the passive skill Heavyweight, which lets you roflstomp your enemies with a well timed rocket jump.

Scalebearer will be joining the frag-fest alongside Nyx in the upcoming closed beta, that you can apply to take part in here. Keep our eyes peeled for some new Champion reveals along with some arena and game mode spotlights in the coming weeks.