Scorpio Delivers, Even For Xbox One Gamers

It’s been known for a while now that the next Xbox console, known as Project Scorpio, will host 4K gameplay. Loads of players already started worrying: “do you need to upgrade your television as well to be able to play the newest games once the Xbox Scorpio hits the shelves?” According to several trusted sources, you don’t.

The first thing that everyone, including current Xbox One gamers, will notice is an improvement in graphics. Microsoft is currently working on SM6, a new shader compiler that will allow developers to work more efficiently. It will be easier to create beautiful graphics while saving both time and system resources. This Shader Model 6 API will not be limited to Scorpio game developers, which is a good thing, of course.

The improved hardware inside the Scorpio also means current games that use dynamic scaling, will achieve target resolutions more often whilst sticking to the target frame rates more often.

There will be game releases focused on those 4K graphics, but even then, having a 1080p television does not mean you should start crying. The console’s supersampling technology will result in graphic improvements, since today developers sacrifice anti-aliasing to boost performance, something that will not be necessary any longer.

TL;DR? Yes, buying a television that supports 4K will give you better graphics, but owning an Xbox Scorpio with a 1080p television will have its advantages as well.