Shiro Games Introduces New Clan to Northgard

Shiro Games has this week introduced the first new clan for Northgard, their Viking strategy game currently in Early Access.

In Northgard players can choose which clan they become a part of, depending on the clan of choice certain benefits were awarded both as a player, and as an opposing clan. At launch, there were only three clans available, but now Shiro Games has introduced The Clan of the Raven.

The Clan of the Raven are great explorers and merchants. They’re fantastic trade partners, but they’re also very scheming. Playing as this clan will offer trading bonuses as well as a new building, The Harbour, which replaces Docks. They can also hire mercenaries, as well as use kröwns instead of food to pay for colonisation.

In addition to the new clan, the game has also received a ton of improvements including an overhauled combat system, improved controls and balancing, and the ability to purchase building slots.

A full list of changes can be found over on the game’s Steam Store page.

Shiro Games Introduces New Clan to Northgard - n3rdabl3