Pause the game, drop the controller, and listen up Smite lovers! If you haven’t been tuning into the Smite Pro League over the last month then we have one simple piece of advice for you, start watching!

We are mid-way into the Spring Split of season 4 as we are sure you are aware of if you’ve got your in-game season ticket rolling (5 wins on clash? Harder than it sounds), and the Smite Pro League is living up to everything you’d expect it to be.

In what some of the biggest Smite content creators and professional players are saying, this is one of the most unpredictable seasons yet. There has been drama, roster changes, upsets and much more! For those that are new to the eSports Smite scene it is definitely worth checking out. If however you’ve missed out here is how things stand at the moment.

In the NA group of the SPL BaRRaCCuDDa’s Luminosity are leading the way with some excellent performances across the three weeks. Luminosity oozes Smite and has one of the most iconic duo lane’s in the SPL with BaRRaCCuDDa and JeffHindla teaming up again for yet another season. This has proven to be a great choice after they finished in the top four of the World Smite Championships last season and with three wins and a split so far these are the team to beat this year.

Hot on their heels though are Team Eager that were somewhat favourites going into this season, Zapman and co will be looking to creep up on Luminosity after the bye week and prove why they were odds on to win this split. Team Eager can’t just look ahead though as in joint 3rd place we have possibly one of the best named rosters “In Memory Of Gabe”, named after the viral dog sensation Gabe whom sadly passed away this year, and the new but not so new guys eUnited formerly known as Enemy.

In Memory Of Gabe have a great roster and love playing aggressive so they are expected to perform very well against the weaker teams but as discussed at the start, this season is anyone’s game and an upset in the second 3rd week of matches saw them lose 2-0 to Noble eSports. eUnited started their season under the familiar name Enemy and got off to a strong start, well-known faces such as PainDeViande and PandaCat still in the roster they looked to improve on what was a disappointing season 3.

It was announced however, that eUnited had acquired Enemy and in week 2 we saw the roster play under the infamous minion logo for the very last time. Since the takeover eUnited lost both games to Team Allegiance but were gifted a 2-0 win thanks to SoaR Gaming forfeiting their match due to being unable to field a full roster.

At the bottom end of the table, underdogs Noble eSports are holding their own in 5th, with many predicting they would be nearer the bottom, largely thanks to a great 2-0 win over In Memory Of Gabe in week three. Building around the core of duo lane Wubbn and Wowy, Noble has long-standing Smite mid laner MLCst3alth and former console players Elchapo and Uzzy. Moving down a place we come to Flash Point whom arrived onto the Smite scene is season 3 after picking up Denial’s roster.

Having had a poor Season 3 Flash Point are sitting where most were expecting them be. Team captain Shadowq has done a good job recruiting some great players but the synergy was not quite there in at the start of the split with them being on the receiving end of consecutive losses. In week 3 we saw a different Flash Point as it all came together with Incon really showing off what he can do in his new mid lane position and the team working together smoothly they beat Noble eSports 2-0 to pick up their first win of the split. After the game Incon mentioned they had been working on their teamwork and that they were only going to build on their impressive performance.

Within the Smite community it is hard to mention Incon and not think of Weak3n. Once teammates on 2 separate rosters, and both times ending in Incon being pushed out by Weak3n, these 2 players are at the heart of the Smite YouTube community. Weak3n captains Team Allegiance currently sitting in 7th of the SPL. Somewhat underperforming, this roster is made up of some great players that haven’t quite clicked they are still looking for their first set win. CycloneSpin and Weak3n had success together with AFK Gaming and their reunion has excited Smite fans but this success has not been recreated so far with ALG managing only a split and losses this season. The inevitable match up of ALG vs Flash Point, Weak3n vs Incon, is going to be one of the most exciting games in SPL history so keep an eye on these guys.

Last but not least is SoaR gaming, this roster is having a particularly bad time in the SPL this season and is seriously underperforming. SoaR had an average season 3 considering they had a some seriously good players on their team and this has brought some role changes for Season 4. Former world champion andinster has given up his place in the jungle to rising star Homiefe and is settling in the mid lane whilst Vetium and captain Jigz play through duo lane. SoaR are currently going through a rough time though with the new eUnited roster signing their season 4 solo laner Benji just before week 3 forcing them to forfeit as their subs were not available either. Once SoaR resolve their issues outside of the battleground expect to see them come back fighting as their roster is full of talent.

So, there you have it, the Smite Pro league so far. Week 4 is a bye week meaning no games are played, the next round of matches start on the 16th March with some huge names going up against each other so if you are a fan of the game or simply into eSports we highly recommend you tune in to watch the SPL on Hi-Rez’s YouTube or Twitch channel live. Only there will you find out what’s in store next for the Smite Pro League.

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