Rebellion has today unveiled the first story DLC for Sniper Elite 4. Additionally, they’ve also revealed the first free multiplayer add-ons coming to the game.

Entitled Deathstorm, this new mini-campaign will be launching in chapters over the course of the year starting with the first chapter entitled “Inception”, which is set to launch on March 21 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

This opening chapter is the first in a three-part campaign that’s set after the events of the main game and will take place in Northern Italy at a Nazi navel base recently targeted in a bombing run. However not everything went to plan and Karl Fairburne must go in and clean up. However the main part of his mission is to obtain a mysterious package codenamed “Deathstorm”.

Check out the first screenshots for Inception, below:

In addition to the new campaign content, players will also receive some free DLC in the form of Elimination, a new mode that’ll also launch on March 31 which pits two-teams of six in an ultimate fight to the death. Once a player has been killed, they’ll be forced to observe until, that is, one of their team mates takes down one of your team and tags them in to fight another day. Finally, a brand new multiplayer map called Night Woods is also incoming.

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