Sociable Soccer Will Miss Q1 – But Not The Net

It looks like waiting for Sociable Soccer is like waiting for Arsenal to get past Bayern Munich at this point. It seems that the game, whilst still going ahead for a 2017 release date, will miss the Q1 release window.

Whilst the updates have been a bit scarce on the official Sociable Soccer website, an update recently posted by the team behind the spiritual successor to the famed Sensible Soccer games, Combo-Breaker, admitted that they didn’t get the staff needed to help with the games production at the end of 2016. This obviously lead to a slow down in the production of the game, thus making the games release date somewhat delayed.

But fear not, as it seems the team have now gathered enough attacking players to get the momentum going again, unlike Arsenal.

Sociable Soccer Will Miss Q1 – But Not The Net - n3rdabl3

Jon Hare, the self proclaimed ‘Godfather of Football Games’ and the team have spent the last few months tweaking and working on the game’s engine ‘stability’ – no doubt trying to get everything that Sensible Soccer die hard fans loved about the original and more, to perfection.

It seems the team have had there hands full with local multiplayer testing too. The idea that you could potentially be playing a friend on their PC whilst you are controlling your own team isn’t an easy feet by any stretch of the imagination. Also, the team are still tinkering with the possibility of VR vs VR.

But Combo-Breaker have gone on record to say that more information about cross platform play will be released shortly before the games release.

Another post, just before Christmas, indicated that the team are also working on other working aspects of Sociable Soccer too.

“We are also making good progress on the Online Multiplayer and we’ll update you on that soon. In-game we’ve added a new arena and for the menus in our modes we’ve made everything look continuous and flowing. We’d like to show you more pictures but since a lot is still work in progress we think it’s best not to. The splash screen above has now been reworked a couple of times and is now where we think it’s up to scratch for a modern arcade football game.”

Sociable Soccer Will Miss Q1 – But Not The Net - n3rdabl3

This all seems great on paper, but the team have confirmed that while a release date is expected this year it will only be when they feel the game is ready. When asked about the games recent progress, Combo-Breaker stated;

“No News. We’d rather not say until we know for sure. There are more people involved now. We will release the game in 2017.”

It appears that Combo-Breaker are heading out to Helsinki in mid March for a “meeting” to discuss the game going forward and they hope to bring us more news and “show us something new”.

Although the game looks set to release on various platforms at some point or another, a recent Tweet has suggested the team are “looking into” a release on the recently released Nintendo switch.

The team have stated recently in the comments section of the Sociable Soccer website the game will only be released “when ready”.

In the mean time, whilst fans and newcomers await a finalised release date, just remember that you are a goal scoring super star hero and you let your hair down and play to the fans. Or something along those lines.

That should keep you going.